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V109 FM supports the local community bringing people together.

To all of our wonderful listeners
we are no longer broadcasting
Due to financial problems

To all of our wonderful listeners we are no longer broadcasting
Due to financial problems
We had hope that next year we might
be able to start up again but sadly due
to a ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board
to essentially raise royalty rates we will be unable to return.

Here are the details.

The music licensing terms under which small and medium sized Internet radio broadcaster have been operating since 2006 has expired.

At the same time, a special provision called the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009 is set to expire in the new year, ending a 10-year period in which low-revenue online radio stations could pay lower royalties to labels than those paid by Pandora and other big webcast brands. On December 16, the CRB released webcast rates for 2016-2020. Those rates are projected to be raised 500% percent on small internet broadcasters. Live365s primary revenue comes from small and medium sized hobby broadcasters like Smooth Jazz and More.

This announcement coincided with the loss of Live365s financial investors, forcing an immediate financial crisis. The company drastically laid off staff, vacated their long-time headquarters in Foster City, California and is desperately trying to find new venture capital to survive.

Because SoundExchange is being greedy and the CRB for not being specific on their royalty plan! Stations all across America like V109 FM will be shut down, be forced to layoff. This is due being unable to financially afford the greedy music industries grab for money.

Thank you to everyone who supported us over the years.


Vickey Lynn Owner of V109 FM




Supreme Court Lifts Ban on Same Sex Marriages!

With the ruling of the supreme court lifting the ban on same sex marriages today. We have marked a turning point in American history. This ruling has upheld the 14th amendment to the Constitution that forbids states from denying any person "life, liberty or property, without due process of law" or to "deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.





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